Media monitoring

Order a classic media monitoring format - or create one by yourself, just in two clicks.

Media coverage analysis

Get qualitative and quantitative analysis for your PR campaigns and brand reputation in the media.

Blog monitoring

Track blogs' posts, risks, and progress of various subjects and related discussions.

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Integrated IT solutions


Medialogia creates integrated solutions to provide extensive news and analysis services to private companies and state-run institutions.



Examples of Medialogia's IT solutions

  • Russian Government
    Automated media monitoring system to track the coverage of national projects implementation - for the Upravlenie (Management) state automated system.

  • Russian Federation Council
    Media monitoring sub-system to track media coverage of subjects related to the Russian Parliament - as part of a project to create the Parliament's online portal.

  • Presidential Executive Office
    Media monitoring sub-system for special purposes.

  • Ministry of Education and Science
    Integrated media analysis system for the inter-industry informational interaction system.

  • Moscow State Institute of International Relations
    Innovative project to design and develop situational response centers for the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the MFA of Russia.

  • Informational and analytical projects for Russian Railways, VTB and other large Russian and international companies.


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