Media monitoring

Order a classic media monitoring format - or create one by yourself, just in two clicks.

Media coverage analysis

Get qualitative and quantitative analysis for your PR campaigns and brand reputation in the media.

Blog monitoring

Track blogs' posts, risks, and progress of various subjects and related discussions.

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Medialogia provides online access to our media list and tools used for media monitoring and receives express analysis for the coverage.


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Media monitoring


Clients can use Medialogia to quickly track media coverage for their company, executives, brands, competitors, etc.


Extensive filtering opportunities help to tailor press, magazine, TV and web-based media monitoring to meet virtually any need when it comes to getting data quickly.


Medialogia's media monitoring advantages

  • Precision
    The object search embedded into the system ensures highly precise media monitoring results without irrelevant noise.

  • Speed
    Thanks to the rigid schedule of media content delivery into Medialogia databasea, media monitoring is guaranteed to be truly quick and prompt.

  • Fast export to MS Word
    Messages selected in your media report can be exported into MS Word documents in only one click.

  • Emailing
    With an automated media monitoring feature, the system can send new media reports to the specified email address every time the media coverage is updated.

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Express media analysis


Medialogia ensures instant analysis of media content with the help of a unique method of linguistic analysis for texts.


The technology is based on preliminary analysis of media content across several different parameters, with illustrative interactive reports made instantly available as requested by the user.


Medialogia's media analysis advantages

  • Media analysists save time
    beign able to compile charts of quantitative and qualitative media coverage parameters.

  • Qualitative parameters are available
    for indirect PR campaigns efficiency evaluation. MediaIndex helps to estimate and evaluate company media feild comparing to its rivals, to form information streams in right directions, and to create complex object media studies.

  • Unbiased transparent results.
    With help of interactive charts and diagrams you can check the media analysis results yourself by unfolding data into a list of messages.

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Blog monitoring


Medialogia automatically monitors and analyzes the content of 1,000 most prominent blogs. With Medialogia, you can promptly track negative posts and informational risks on blogs, identify the most active bloggers and analyze how different subjects and discussions evolve for them.


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On the first Monday of every month, Medialogia hosts practical seminars on media monitoring and analysis. Register here for the next seminar.



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