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With Medialogia, you can instantly build statistical and analytical reports. Results are presented as lists of media reports, tables, maps, diagrams and charts suitable for further interpretation and decision making.


The system can provide the following reports for any period of time:

  • Changes in the number of media reports
    sorted by media categories, regions, authors, positive/negative tone, quotations.

  • Changes in the quality of media coverage
    based on the MFI®, comparison of MFI® performance vs. competitors.

  • Industry rankings
    by quantity and quality of media coverage for companies or people.

  • Media coverage ranking by media channels
    to analyze media activity by type and region of the media and to compile the list of the most active sources and compare the object's media coverage quality for different media.

  • Media coverage ranking by prominence
    When media reports are sorted by prominence, the ones shown first are reports by the most influential media, which helps to reveal media content that best attracts readers' attention.

  • Media coverage grouped by subjects
    The system automatically groups media reports that cover the same event or subject - even if their text is different.

  • Media coverage grouped by similar reports
    The system automatically identifies and groups copied and reprinted reports. This ensures convenient analysis of the entire media coverage, e.g. based on the same press release.

Any data from Medialogia's statistical or analytical reports can be verified by clicking a respective figure in the table or a point on the graph, guiding the user to the list of messages that this very figure is based on. This means that all statistics are completely transparent to users.



Samples of media analysis reports by Medialogia

Media Analisys - Vimpelcom


Vimpelcom in media (in Russian)


Analysis Report
2009, II quarter


Download PDF, 565 Kb

Media Analysis - Cellular operators


Cellular operators in media (in Russian)


Analysis Report
2009, II quarter


Download PDF, 695 Kb

Media monitoring

Media monitoring

Express media analysis

Express media analysis


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