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Media monitoring with two clicks


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Medialogia is an invaluable tool to quickly track coverage in the press, on TV, radio, online media and social media.


Morning media monitoring with Medialogia takes only two clicks and a few minutes to complete. You can easily export coverage into a traditional MS Word format to instantly get a ready to use document.


With the object search by Medialogia, you can be sure that irrelevant noise will be minimized and the media coverage is complete and exhaustive even if there are different ways of writing names or titles.


Filtering capabilities enable quick and reliable selection of the media content you need: negative or positive, centered on your company, with quotations from the speakers you are interested in, from a specified media category or from specified sources, etc.


Prominence rating for media channels ensures that the coverage is sorted by importance. Clients can also arrange their monitoring results by prominence of media reports, page placement, size of the report and attention paid to the company within the report.


Using the Twins & Reprints feature opens copied media reports, helping to analyze the news trail left by every newsworthy item.


When necessary, the system can automatically submit articles to the specified email immediately after they are available.



Advantages of media monitoring offered by Medialogia

    Medialogia's capabilities   Benefits for you
1. Strong media list:
approximately 92,000,000 sources weighed by regions and industries.
Availability of all influential media, including TV and blogs. Extensive coverage of industry, regional and foreign sources.
2. Prompt delivery of media content. All federal press is available at 6 am.
3. Objects (companies, people, brands). Precise selection of media coverage, with irrelevant noise left out.
4. Prominence evaluation of the media. All media content is automatically sorted by importance: the most influential media channels are shown first.
5. Prominence evaluation of the media content. Media reports are ranked by quality of coverage - in the main role, i.e. the center of media attention, or incidential only.
6. Negative/positive tone evaluation. Negative and positive media reports can be highlighted.
7. Coverage arrangement by subjects. Media monitoring reports can be adjusted to include key daily reviews of general issues, business news, industry updates, and specified subjects, ranged by importance (prominence of the media and the number of reprints).
8. "Re-prints excluded" feature. Media trail evaluation for every newsworthy item.
9. User friendly format. Interactive content: headlines or announcements, Internet articles with links to the original sources, photos and tables from the articles, and logos of media publications.
10. Customization options. Media monitoring in a format you are used to.

Samples of media monitoring reports by Medialogia

Мониторинг СМИ - Альфа-Банк


Мониторинг СМИ - Вымпелком


Мониторинг СМИ - Microsoft


Мониторинг СМИ - Минсельхоз РФ


Мониторинг СМИ - PricewaterhouseCoopers


Мониторинг СМИ - ГК Виктория


Media monitoring

Media monitoring

Express media analysis

Express media analysis


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