Media monitoring

Order a classic media monitoring format - or create one by yourself, just in two clicks.

Media coverage analysis

Get qualitative and quantitative analysis for your PR campaigns and brand reputation in the media.

Blog monitoring

Track blogs' posts, risks, and progress of various subjects and related discussions.

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Prompt alerts


Medialogia can provide prompt alerts to executives or other interested people about new messages about the company, negative coverage, and news on the specified subject.


For prompt alerts, the system offers a news wire focused on the object or subject you need, with media content from all media channels collected by it. This can include news about the company, its executives, competitors, etc. You can track messages that mention the object only as the main role or only negative information from selected publications.


When a new message appears in the system, you get an alert emailed to you with a link to the full text report. Thanks to the rigid schedule of media content delivery into Medialogia databasea, media monitoring is guaranteed to be truly quick and prompt.


System object search ensures high precision search results: none of the important messages will be missed, while irrelevant noise will be kept to a minimum.



Press digest


The system helps deliver automatic press digests for executives or other interested people. Digests can be viewed online using computers or mobile devices, or exported into MS Word documents.


When compiling press digests, you do not have to spend your time going through tons of sources: Medialogia automatically groups messages covering one subject and sorts newsworthy items by prominence, i.e. shows what media publications covered the subject. The most prominent news with closest attention from the media and readers will be automatically located by the system and placed at the very beginning of your digest.


This ensures having all media channels covered and keeping the studied data to a minimum — without losing any valuable information.



News snapshot of the day


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The news snapshot of the day is a unique offer by «Medialogia». The system analyzes a huge flow of media content from open sources in real time, presenting ready to use data in a format suitable for further interpretation.


The news snapshot of the day includes statistical and analytical reports, tables and charts based on the client's interests. They provide a quick overview of the main developments in the industry, economy or politics, news of specified companies, subjects that have attracted the most attention of the media, conflicts and negative messages.


The system's special features such as object search and media reports grouped by subjects and prominence ensure that you get a picture of today's news based on the most vital data, with unnecessary details left out.




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